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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Imperial Taragarh Fort

Tour the imperial Taragarh Fort and explore the regal secrets of this remarkable structure in stone located atop the Nagpahari hill in Ajmer with Indian Horizons. Constructed in 1354 A.D., the Taragarh Fort in Ajmer is a spectacular illustration of Rajasthani architecture. Six imposing gates and a thick crenellated wall guard the entrance to this erstwhile Chauhan bastion. You are welcome to explore the royal secrets of Taragarh though a section of this massive structure is not open for public viewing. See the awe-inspiring Bhim Burj i.e. a massive battlement on which rests a large canon and admire the huge stone water reservoirs built within the fort. The main gateway that leads you to the fort is decorated with stone sculptures of elephants. Pay homage at Miran Saheb ki Dargah that is located within the fort walls. This mausoleum is dedicated to Miran Saheb, a brave warrior who sacrificed his life defending Taragarh in an enemy invasion. Taragarh Fort was an important center of military activity during the Mughal domination in Ajmer. Later during the British occupation of Ajmer, Taragarh was used as a sanatorium.
Enjoy a spectacular view of the city below from the Taragarh Fort and drink in beautiful vistas of Ajmer steeped in the warmth of the last rays of the setting sun. Also tour the interesting Dudha Mahal located at a little distance from the Taragarh Fort.