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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Monuments In Dargah

A King Of The Day
This man was a water man who use to supply water in the Goat skin. He was filling water in his water bags suddenly he saw a man is drowning in River Jamuna. He just throw him self and saved that man. That man was Mughal Empror Humayun Father of Akbar the great. He was drowning during his war with Sher shah Suri.
After winning the battle he called that water man (Nizam Sikka) and asked what reward he wants for saving a life of king. The Water man asked that he wants the throne of india for one day, He wants to rule India for One day. King allowed to give him a throne for one day. He ruled on India for One day, His name was Nizam Sikka. This is the tomb of Nizam Sikka.