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Friday, March 7, 2008

Ana Sagar Lake

View Of Ana Sagar From Taragarh

Built By Shah Jahan

Lake Side Marble Pavallion

Ghat On The Lake

Lake Side Settlement

The beauty of Ajmer is known to the travelers very well. The city is visited by thousands every year chiefly for the holy shrine of Dargah Sharif, Ajmer which has been the major crowd puller. But the other attractive proposition of the city that too has played an important role in the beautification of Ajmer is the famous Ana Sagar Lake, Ajmer. The lake has been an outstanding landmark of the city from the 11th century and has served to the cause of the city as well.
The Ana Sagar Lake was built by King Anaji during 1135-1150 AD. King Anaji was the grandfather of Prithvi Raj Chauhan and he built the landscape for the better cause of the society. Presently the lake acts as a major reason for increase in the popularity of Tours to Ajmer. The Ana Sagar Lake in Ajmer in India is probably the largest and most popular Lakes and Gardens in Ajmer.
The lake was built in the 12th century by putting up a dam across the Luni River and the lake was named after the then ruler of Ajmer Anaji Chauhana. The lake is surrounded by some of the marvelous piece of attractions of the city like the Daulat Bagh that was built by Shah Jahan and is built completely by marble stones. Surprisingly the lake dries up completely during the summers.
The Ana Sagar Lake is surrounded by many other attractions like the temple of Khobra Behroon which lies on the southern bank of the lake. The temple’s name is derived from the word khobra, which means `mischievous’, and according to tradition a newly wed couple must pay their respects to the temple. The lake is an artificial creation that has been a lifeline for the people of Ajmer in the past. The lake still serves as a lifeline of beauty to the city to the locals and the visitors as well.
The best time to visit the Ana Sagar Lake, Ajmer is between the months of October to March when the climate remains cool and the water level up to the mark.