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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Monuments In Dargah

Badi Deg

Chhoti deg

On either side of the second Baland Darwaza in front of Saham Chiragh (courtyard lamp), there are two huge Degs (cauldrons for cooking food) fixed into solid masonry in which a palatable mixture of rice sugar, ghee (butter) and dried fruits is cooked for distribution to the public as tabarruk.
The circumference at the edge of the larger cauldron is 10-1/4 feet. It cooks 70 mounds of rice, while the smaller Deg takes 28 mounds. One of them was presented by Akbar in 1567 A.D. The princes or the well-to-do pilgrims order these Degs to be cooked generally during the Urs period.